Browns sold: Facebook reactions

12:22 PM, Aug 2, 2012   |    comments
Photo by Metromix Cleveland.
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CLEVELAND -- Facebook ignited with chatter within seconds of news surfacing that the Cleveland Browns were sold to Jimmy Haslam III for more than $1 billion.

Some felt it was a great deal, while some felt it was way too much money for the team.

Here's a glimpse at some of those remarks from our WKYC Facebook page:

- Chuck: Hopefully he can turn this team around. Pittsburgh sucks. GO BROWNS!!!

- Amber: thats alot of money for a (expletive deleted) team

- Doug: Look for ticket & concessions prices to go up and once again push it on to the fans. I'm done I'll watch it from my couch ......

- Michelle: bad investment even I know that...

- Tia: Just because we aren't a winning team, doesn't mean its a bad investment. The stadium is packed every game, isn't it? We have some of the most devoted fans in all of sports. He will make money. Doubt he would buy them if he knew he wouldn't.

- Kimberly: What an (expletive deleted)... he's a serious idiot to pay that for a crappy team that's been nothing but an embarrassment for years!!

- Deb: Go Browns!! This is good, fight thru it and make us winners!!!

- John: Rename them The Cleveland Flying Js

- Steve: As a Browns fan you had an owner, who didn't want the team, when his father passed away. Lerner basically held onto the team until Mrs Lerner (al wife) gave Randy perm to sell..He didn't want it. I don't care if the new owner was from the steelers, the cowboys, the rams, whomever. Lets get an owner who understand what football fans feel. Being this guy was involved with the steelers he understands how the fans in Cleveland are. Let's put this way the sale is a good thing. It is time to move forward and see about getting this team on the right track..

- Quentin: Here is another 5 yr plan.

- Christina: I'm gonna laugh at you Steelers fans this watch and see!

- Anthony: i feel good about this we finally have an owner that cares about football and that wants 2 own an nfl team

- Terri: Hope this is a blessing, and not a way to move our team again!!

- Tom: Over paid for a crappy football team.

- Jessica: idk y..they suck!

- Jim: ya they're irrelevant now and they still make money....,imagine what kind of profit he can turn if they start to turn it around

- Joy: Wow a lot of money for a horrible team,

- Bob: it's the most the cleveland browns has been worth in years go steelers

- Scott: much in tax did this 1%er have to pay?

- Mark: If he purchased the Browns for $1 billion, you can guarantee he is going to want to get a return on his investment... with reading about Mr. Haslam, he appears to be a very good businessman and sports enthusiast; I look forward to the future of the Cleveland Browns!

- Cheryl: More money than brains. It's a lose lose


We want to know your thoughts on the sale of the Browns. Leave us a comment to share your opinions.


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