Cleveland: Prize Patrol gives man $1 million

6:43 PM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- A west side man was suprised in his driveway Friday with a million dollar check from Publishers Clearinghouse.

Rory Bellamy, 46, had just gotten home from his job as a house painter when the famous "Prize Patrol" presented him with balloons, champagne, and an oversized check for a million bucks.

"Wow, this is good news, thanks a lot," Bellamy said, surprisingly calm at the unexpected windfall.

"Can you use it?" asked Dave Sayer, of the Prize Patrol.

"Yes, I've been living without health insurance all this time and now I'll have some," Bellamy, a self-employed house painter, replied.

Moments later, Bellamy's sister, Christine Parrish, came shrieking up the driveway on West 105th Street to give her brother a hug. "I had to run right over, this is fantastic!"

Bellamy had entered the famous sweepstakes online earlier this year and says it's the first time he had entered the contest from Publishers Clearinghouse.

He plans to visit brothers and sisters in Florida, and then take a little time off.

"This will take off the pressure of the rush-rush of having to show up for work, and having to work longer hours and work faster," he predicted. "I can slow down a little bit. I really need to because my health needs to improve."

Neighbors on West 105th say the instant riches could not have happened to nicer, more helpful man.  

"Rory's a good guy, works every day and takes care of his house," John Henson told WKYC. "He helps his neighbors out.  You probably could not have found a better guy to win the money."

Bellamy says he'll probably return to painting houses because he likes his profession so much, but he'll do it part time.  And he plans to keep living in the same duplex he's owned for the last 12 years.


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