Investigator: Railroad crossing called thrill ride

6:10 PM, Jun 5, 2012   |    comments
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COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP -- Columbia Township officials are determined to  make changes at a controversial railroad crossing on Boston Road where four Brunswick High School students were killed in a car crash.

"We've talked about speed cameras. We've talked about stop signs. Something is going to change at that location," said Mike Musto, a Columbia Township trustee.

Musto told the Investigator Tom Meyer, that he has heard reports of young drivers treating the location as though it was an amusement park thrill ride.  "I have been told of kids going two different directions at the same time and taking their hands out and trying to hit the other guy's hands," said Musto.  "They reference it as an amusement park ride."

The Ohio Rail Commission considers the crossing among the least hazardous of the 6100 railroad crossings in Ohio.  At the Boston Road crossing, there are warning devices, gates and lights.  But Musto say it's the design of the road that acts like a piece of candy for thrill-seeking teen-aged drivers.  

Boston Road is like a launching pad leading up to the crossing and it falls abruptly off at the other end.  "It's a nuisance and it needs to be taken care of," said Musto.

Neighbors say they have witnessed far too many accidents.  "The accidents happen so frequently you can't count, said Judy Arena.  "This has to get fixed."

Township officials promise it will.


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