Investigator: Abusive nurses' aides revealed; search list

8:58 AM, Oct 28, 2011   |    comments
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They were found to have done everything from raping nursing home residents to stealing their diamond rings to spitting in their face.

In all, the state has disciplined nearly 1,800 nursing aides who work in long-term care facilities, compiling a list on their Web site so that other facilities don't hire them in the future.

The Department of Health also made these names available to worried family members - if family called the department with a name.

Now, Channel 3 News is doing the hard work for you.

We've compiled a list of state-tested nurse's aides who have been disciplined for abuse, neglect and theft. (There's also a searchable database at the end of this story where you can enter a last name of an aide and see if the person should be working in a facility.)

The problem of abusive nurse's aides received a lot of attention in June when the Investigator Tom Meyer first exposed 78-year-old Esther Piskor being mistreated at the MetroHealth Medical Center's nursing home.

A number of state-tested nurses aides were caught on hidden camera shoving and slapping the patient, even tossing her around as if she was a ragdoll.

Eight nurses aides were either suspended or fired. Two have been charged with felonies and are going through the court system now.

Ultimately, the state director of health will decide if these aides will be placed on the list of other nurses aides who abused, neglected, or stole a patient's personal property or medicine.

Esther's son, Steve, understands there's a process in deciding whether the MetroHealth Medical Center's nurse's aides should be on the list, and it takes time. But he thinks it is only part of the solution to stopping nursing home abuse.

"It's not going to be a cure-all," Steve Piskor said. "It's not going to stop it. The only thing that will stop it is cameras in the nursing home." 

 Search the database below for nurse's aides on the list.



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