Outdoors with Big Daddy: Cuyahoga Falls dam removal

5:40 PM, Aug 10, 2012   |    comments
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CUYAHOGA FALLS -- Chances are fleeting to see the Cuyahoga River before it changes with removal of dams.

For three years, Bill Laugherd, of Gone Fishin' Charters in Cuyahoga Falls, has been running river tours and fishing trips on his pontoon boats. But time is running out for this part of his business.

The Ohio EPA and City of Cuyahoga Falls are removing two low-head dams in the city's downtown. The process is going to change the face of the Crooked River forever.

This weekend, Bill is offering free sightseeing tours to the public. His reasoning is simple. "Give them one last time to take a tour before they start taking the dams down."

In recent years, dams in Kent and Munroe Falls have been removed, greatly improving water quality and habitat for everything from insects to fish. The river will be faster moving and shallower, allowing for more oxygen and less silt build-up. It could also turn the Cuyahoga into a mecca for kayakers.

If you would like to take a sightseeing or fishing trip with Bill, you have the chance until the dams come out. His phone number is 234-525-1900.

The free boat rides are in conjunction with the Cuyahoga Falls 200th Birthday celebration. He is planning on taking the boats out in late October.

To see a recent trip on the river, click the "PLAY" button.


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