Parma prepares for President's visit

5:00 PM, Jul 3, 2012   |    comments
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PARMA -- It is Ohio's seventh biggest city and its median household income of almost $51,000 makes it a good place for President Barack Obama to bring his Betting on America bus tour, touting his concern for the middle class.

New Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter said, "The message about staying focused on the economy hits right at home in our city."

Parma's biggest employer is the GM stamping plan which provides 1,500 jobs.

President Obama is expected to talk up his bailout of the industry.

UAW President President Steve Frammartino thinks the plant would not be alive if Mitt Romney's ideas had carried the day.

"Let 'em all go bankrupt, that's what he said," said Frammartino.

Democrats outnumber Republicans more than two to one in Parma. But there are a significant number of Independents. And Parma did deliver John McCain 43 percent of its votes four years ago.

Republican barber shop owner Robert Calabretta won't be at the rally.

"I think Parma needs more Republicans," he said.

"The President's spending too much money and his (health care) plan is not right for everybody. It needs to be reformed," he said.

A limited number of tickets for Thursday's event were quickly distributed to earlybird crowds at Obama headquarters in Parma and Shaker Heights.

Kora Anthony and her grandmother were both disappointed not to get them and hope to get called from a waiting list.

"Oh, I just live around the corner from where he is going to be," said grandmother Karen Sidon.

"I'd say 'I'm pleased to meet you. I've always wanted to meet you ," said young Kayla.


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