State Senate candidate files complaint with Elections Commission

5:58 PM, Jun 29, 2012   |    comments
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COLUMBUS -- Jim Mueller, a Russell Township trustee and candidate for State Senate in the 18th District, said late Friday that he had filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission in Columbus for false statements made about him in a supposed "poll" being made by an out-of-state firm.

Mueller's complaint includes sworn statements from recipients of the calls who received the phone calls with false information about his record.

"I will not allow my record to be 'swift boated' by assassins unknown," Mueller said.

Mueller says the complaint says the calls start out as if a poll is being conducted but then quickly turn into something quite different.

According to Mueller's complaint, the callers make false statements about Mueller's record and accomplishments over a lifetime of public service.

The callers preface each question with biased comments containing false charges against Mueller, while making complimentary comments about his opponent, John Eklund, according to Mueller.

Eklund, a Republican from Munson Township, was appointed to the seat in November after former State Senator Tim Grendell was appointed a Geauga County Probate/Juvenile judge.

The 18th Senate District covers Geauga and Lake counties and part of eastern Cuyahoga County.

"These untruthful statements are a campaign 'dirty tricks' attack against me and and the calls do not comply with Ohio Election law," Mueller said.

Mueller, a Democrat from Russell Township, said that at least some of the calls are being made by Quantel Research of Ogden, Utah.

The complaint reads, according to Mueller, that when the recipient asks who is sponsoring the calls, they are ignored or refused an answer.

Further, Mueller adds, those who have received the calls say that the callers cannot pronounce words like "Geauga, presidential, Mantua or Ravenna," and says that "leads one to believe the actual callers may be from outside the U.S."

Mueller said he had a message for Eklund.

"Come at me like a man....don't send scurrilous phone messages disguised as a poll read off a script by out-of-state callers. Own up to this subterfuge and follow the law. Voters are sick and tired of these political games," he said.

Late Friday, Eklund could not be reached immediately for comment. 

Mueller said Ohio law requires that all political literature, calls, ads of any sort must have a disclaimer, telling who has issued the materials.

(UPDATED: In the original story posted June 29, Mueller identified the commission as the "Ethics" Commission. In fact, he filed with the Ohio Elections Commission. The headline and story were corrected July 2.) 


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