Westlake: Frantic 'quacks' for help bring police

8:13 AM, Jun 10, 2011   |    comments
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WESTLAKE -- It was a frantic call or "quack" for help from one mother in Westlake Thursday morning.

Her morning walk with her little ducklings took a detour to danger. It was an unusual emergency call for Westlake Police thursday morning, but one they've heard of before.

When animal control officer Jim Wang and police Patrolman Leonard arrived, they saw a protective mother duck standing guard as her little ducklings stayed trapped inside a sewer grate on Hilliard Bouilevard.

City officials arrived soon after and the rescue process began. The mother duck stood guard until all her little ones were accounted for after the grate was removed.

Wang jumped right in and pulled the little ones to safety as they happily chirped at the sight of being rescued. Knowing the mother duck wouldn't leave their side, Wang, with the ducklings in tow, continued on the walk. Mom followed behind them to a nearby pond where they were set free and reunited for a mid-morning swim.


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