What Works: MetroHealth System

5:43 PM, May 6, 2012   |    comments
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MetroHealth System has evolved as the needs of the community have changed.

WKYC Photojournalist Mike Greene brings you the story.

It started as a hospital for the elderly and when the Depression hit in the 1920's, there was a need for a psychiatric unit. Then there was the tuberculosis outbreak and they developed their respiratory care center, one of 13 across the nation.

They won a Nobel Prize for developing the polio vaccine and with the rise of industrial accidents in the Flats, the trauma center was born.

As the community needs have changed, they phase out of things that aren't needed, and move into things that are needed. That has been paramount to its our success as an institution.

Life Flight positions helicopters at the hospital, as well as throughout the community, so that when they're needed, help is only minutes away.

Hospital officials maintain position with them every ten minutes, so they can alert trauma teams when they're coming into Metro with the patient. They page those teams when the emergency crews arrive.

Whether it's a patient in the trauma center, burn unit, or anywhere in the hospital, Metro sees them as individuals that need their help.

Their philosophy is really taking care of the patient and the patient's needs, and viewing those needs as paramount, as compared to other needs, like the needs of the insurance company, the doctor...the focus is really on the patient.

With that mission statement, it's not difficult to see what works for MetroHealth System.

They can take people from birth through death, and for anything that happens to them along the way, they're here and ready to serve them.


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