What Works: I-X Center

9:17 PM, Sep 4, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Opened in 1942 as the Cleveland Bomber Pant, this exhibition hall has over a million square feet of space -- and its getting a makeover to keep things fresh.

The I-X Center, as an exhibition hall, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Some of Cleveland's largest events, including the Cleveland Auto Show, the Home and Garden Show and the IX Indoor Amusement Park, have been entertaining the community for years.

What's special about the I-X Center is it's ability to transform into whatever it needs to be for an event. Banners are created in house, and a full inventory of carpeting is ready to go anytime there's a new event.

There is a crew of about 165 people who make the transformations happen. They are able to change over the facility quickly because of its history as a bomber plant and tank plant.

The facility has corridors that criss-cross the exhibition hall floor, providing easy access around the building for workers and equipment.

And due to its time spent as an airplane hangar, it's the only exhibition hall in the nation that's able to handle bringing aircrafts in and out -- using its 150 by 50 foot doorways. Renovations are also being made to the facility.

They're in the process of adding a 2,600 seat theatre system to accommodate. They've spent another $4 million on general improvements around the building.

The President of the I-X Center, Bob Peterson, is happy the community has been willing to support the facility and its events over the past 25 years and hopes to serve the community for another quarter century.


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