Ways 2 Save: Price tracker shows if item is truly on sale

3:22 AM, Aug 3, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- It's confusing and often misleading. Stores seem to have no hesitation referring to something as a "special" or telling you "buy now, buy fast" when that item isn't truly at its lowest price.

When a store has hundreds of thousands of items on sale, like Amazon.com, sometimes we need help.

Today I will pass along a website that I keep bookmarked to keep my finances in check.


It may be a completely bizarre sounding website, but it is practical and a savior for frequent online shoppers.

Simply type in the product you're searching for and today's website pulls up a graph exposing the price history of that item.

The detailed price history instantly provided (for free) by today's website gives you an idea of whether today's "sale" is truly a great time to buy. It also flags certain purchases as a "good" deal and even gives you a third-party price comparison.

Today's site also flags deals and price histories for Best Buy and Newegg, in addition to Amazon.

The site has a simple design and purpose but is very effective at what it strives to accomplish. CLICK HERE

And on a side note: I know many of you have heard me say hold off until next week for school supplies and that's for very good reason.

The top elementary, high school and college deals all drop beginning this Monday. I'll be featuring them all week long in our Ways 2 Save section.

Have a great weekend!


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