March 9: Channel 3 afternoon programming

12:17 PM, Mar 9, 2011   |    comments
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Here's what you'll see on your afternoon favorites on Channel 3:

2:00pm - RACHAEL RAY - "Minute to Win It Challenge" 

Rachael takes on her very own Minute to Win It challenge when we take a look at the 'brains behind' one of your favorite game shows!  Then - a top secret tour behind the closed doors of Twitter headquarters!  Plus, a new Mac n' Cheese dinner!

3:00pm - THE DOCTORS - "How to Save Money, Look Younger and Live Longer!"

THE DOCTORS share the secrets to a fatter wallet, a fresher face and thinner thighs! | Then, host of SWIFT JUSTICE, Nancy Grace, joins THE DOCTORS to talk about the health scare that changed her life and what every woman must know about cancer. | Fast food may be cheap, but is it really saving you money? Learn the price you're really paying at the drivethru, and get quick, convenient and healthy solutions from THE DOCTORS Dollar Menu! | Plus, Dr. Jim takes to the streets to tackle your health challenges in a new interactive series, The Adventures of Dr. Sears.

4:00pm - ELLEN 

VALERIE BERTINELLI ("Hot in Cleveland")

MIRANDA COSGROVE (She will perform her hit "Dancing Crazy" from her upcoming CD, "High Maintenance")

5:00pm - DR. PHIL - "Secrets, Lies and Regrets"

What would you do if you found out your spouse was hiding a major secret? Dr. Phil sits down with couples struggling to figure out their next step after learning a deep, dark secret. Joseph and Natalie have been married less than six months and both say they're very much in love, but a playful game of dress up awakened repressed feelings from Joseph's childhood, and now he questions his sexual identity. Are his cross-dressing desires just a phase or indicative of lifelong transgender identity? Is Natalie prepared to hear the truth, and can their marriage survive? And, Carrie caught her husband, Ed, in not just one huge lie, but many! Ed has so many secret ex-wives, children and grandchildren that Dr. Phil has to use a dry erase board to sketch out the new family tree! Are his lies marriage dealbreakers, or can this couple start over from scratch? And, does Ed have more to confess? Don't miss this compelling show!


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