Canton: Hall of Fame weekend brings excitement, money

11:44 PM, Aug 3, 2012   |    comments
Photo courtesy: Pro Football HOF
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CANTON -- This weekend in Canton, there are some signs to ignore and others to pay close attention to.

Tiffani Walker says, "We're expecting more excitement than last year."

When last year's Hall of Fame Game was cancelled during the lockout,  people like Tiffani Walker didn't sell nearly as much of her self-proclaimed 'delicious' chili.

But with the game a "go" for this year, in the next three days, between the hot dogs and the parking, she will rake in about $2,000.

Tiffani Walker tells Channel 3 News, "Hey, we're out here 12 to 14 hours a day and we want to get something out of this. We give away love and the money has got to be ours."

Local businesses do well too, with thousands of out-of-towners around.

But for locals like Kenny Bellinger, when the induction ceremony takes over Canton,  it means football is back and so are the Browns.

Kenny Bellinger said, "Browns just got sold to somebody that might like football. It's an exciting time of year."

And while former owner Randy Lerner dines here tonight for the Gold Jacket Dinner -- to honor footballs past -- the patio dinner crowd has their mind on its future.

Kenny Bellinger echoes, "Hopefully with Lerner going over to his soccer team, and us here with a team that he didn't want ..hopefully the new guy who looks impressive...makes it."

And for Tiffani,  the only thing she wants to make is money.
And it's almost game time.

Tiffani Walker said, "I said today when we got up, oh god I'm not ready for all this craziness. But as we got set up and everything -- I'm prepared. I'm ready."


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